Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holding Cell

Some days it feels as though my life has become a holding cell, life being spent waiting for parole. Colorado is great if you like skiing. Hiking can be wonderful too. But really, who the hell wants to climb a mountain every weekend? Or even fly down it on a pair of skis or board and dodge trees? Can only do that so many times. And it all costs money.

I'm from New Orleans, transplanted here back in 2004. It was a good move for the time. Missed out on the flood and mold after Katrina hit and immobilized the city for months. After all this time, though, my heart is ready to move home.

On the weekend, I remember just walking out the front door, not knowing where I was headed. Maybe $15 in my pocket. Spent all day around the city, having a blast, knowing that $15 would be enough for a great day. I miss that. If you got bored, an adventure was only a 5 minute walk away. Here, in Denver, seems it requires walking back to your car, finding somewhere else to drive to, driving there, looking for parking, and hoping you hadn't changed your mind in the 1/2 hour it took to get there.

Holding cell. That's where I'm at. Waiting to finish my degree, then move back. Just waiting, and hoping there's enough beer to last me until I get there.

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