Saturday, December 17, 2011

Answers Not Forthcoming

All of us have paths to walk. Do we have a choice in any of it? Even the choices we make, are they ours? We think they are. Many times, though, they are predetermined for us. Let's say we're given four choices (at best). We think we choose one of them. But guess what, those four choices were usually made for us, and choosing any of them is accepting another voice's determination of the progression of things.

Stay calm. Don't get upset. Follow the rules. Do what you're told. We're raised to believe that others in authority are looking out for our best interests. Is that always true? Yes, sometimes it's true, but not always.

I've spent years trying to get my life in order. Whenever I get close, something always happens out of my control which seems to spin me backwards. It would be refreshing if to fell supported and empowered. It would be beautiful if the artistic process was fostered instead of stifled.

Proper "language" is stressed in corporate settings, with the belief that if you say things the right way, you can get people to do most anything you want them to do. When you disagree with them, the language is then turned on you, to convince you that corporate thinking knows what's best for you.

If you please, I'd rather continue to think for myself.

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