Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My thoughts are running in circles tonight, just out of reach. I've been sitting at my desk for a few hours now. Have not managed to write a single word that's to be kept. Seems that as soon as I do get into the writing, and words actually find themselves on paper, that it's late into the night and my bed demands I warm it with my sleeping body.

Days slip by so quickly. Too quickly. So many of us say that, often. What happens then? Do we change anything about our lives? Most of us don't. Most of us think, oh well, life is speeding by, cannot do anything about it, so let's just spend our lives punching time cards and shopping sales at Macy's.

Felt like spring today in Colorado. Spring. New life. Time, yet again, to commit ourselves to openness and honesty with ourselves and others.

And now it's time I throw down the gauntlet and demand that my creative mind pours out a thousand words on my current project. Because we all know, the creative mind responds wonderful to demands. Sarcasm, oh sarcasm, my friend.

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