Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Novel in 3 Days?

Is it possible? Is it really possible for someone to write a novel in 3 days? It sounds a bit crazy. Actually it sounds a lot crazy. And yet, from what I've read, it's entirely possible. Also from what I've read, it's not exactly the most fun you're going to have this year.
I've read several blogs over the past few days about writing quickly. Along the way, the "write a novel in 3 days" sites started popping up. I was intrigued, so I read further. It's a daunting prospect. A few of the writers were writing about 18 hours a day for those 3 days. One recounted that he looked absolutely vampiric by the time he had typed the last word of the book.
So, is it possible? Yes, it's actually very possible. Possible, but extremely challenging. Am I planning on writing a novel in 3 days? Hmmm, nope. Not going to happen, not in my life. I know my limits at the moment, including the necessity of working another different job at the same time I'm writing.
However, what about setting the goal of writing a first draft within a month? Now that's doable, right? That should be possible for those of us who aren't able to take 3 days of to write 18 hours a day and then crash for the following week to recuperate from the round-the-clock writing binge.
As I mentioned in a previous blog posting, I've finally make a break through in the plot progression of my current writing project. Last night it continued to blossom and grow and expand while I sat in awe of the new life it is taking on almost by its own effort.
Something else I've learned:
  • Fast writing doesn't mean crappy writing.
  • Slow writing doesn't mean good writing.

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