Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello Old Friend!

Ok, so I've been a bit lax in keeping up with all my projects. That's clearly obvious today when I realized I already had this blog when I set out to start a personal one. I blog all the time, just not really for myself. So finding this old one is a bit like rediscovering an old friend.

I write a lot, other places. In addition to everything else, I work as a freelance writer on a few different projects. My novel has not received the attention I'd like to give it, so I thought, well, what the hell, blog about it!

WordPress? It's an excellent option, let's be honest. I've had several blogs on their blog platform. After years of blogging, though, there's something about Blogger that I still like. That's beside the point, and I'm getting distracted now.

Any way......  Welcome back into my life, old friend! Sooooo glad to have found you again! Looking forward to stealing some time during the days to come, and chatting a bit with you, revealing a bit of the contents of my mind. Cheers.

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